Alternative to marble for your home interiors!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Want to use stones in your home to bring that posh look? Is that granite countertop burning a hole in your pocket? Then here is a one of a kind solution.

PVC sheets are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design of homes as they replicate the eclectic look of granite and marble stones. They are termite free, are not affected by water and are fire- resistant as well!! (so you can use in your kitchen)!!

How to Use them in Your Home?

Poly marble sheets can be used as wall cladding, in your ceiling, on cabinets and furniture. Since they have stone finishes you can use them to highlight or create focal points in your home as in the living room behind your TV, or highlighting the backsplash in your kitchen or on your countertops.

Living room:

Use them to create the focal wall or TV unit in your living room. They can also be used on coffee tables as countertops or to highlight an architectural element.


Is the marble finish tile for your kitchen backsplash burning a hole in your pocket? Let PVC sheets do the work for you. Since they are water-resistant and fire-resistant, they make it ideal for usage as a kitchen backsplash. They create a seamless look making it aesthetically appealing and easy to maintain.


Use them to create your extravagant headboard in the bedrooms. You can also use them on your side tables.

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