Must have WFH Products

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

These are some of my favorite products that have worked for me and my clients. Take a look at these items that can turn your boring workspace into a productive cabin.

  1. STEP 1: Give your table top a makeover with these marble self sticker vinyl sheets.

STEP 2: Add all these décor items to your table top and jazz it up!

  1. Add this multi-functional mesh Wall Grid to hang up a few twinkly lights, hold up your memos, or your favorite photos!

  2. Keep a nice desk organizer to declutter all your stationery off the desk and keep them sorted in a nice big box like this one!

  3. Protect your desk from spilled coffee with a leather desk mat.

  4. A file holder to organize your books, notes and papers.

  5. What's a desk without a light? Add this quirky cloud light to your desk.

  6. Plants often help keep calm.

  7. Oh you'll love these shimmery gold paper clips and sticky notes to add to your stationery list!

  8. Top it off with this wooden digital clock that looks soo cool!

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