Kitchen corner cabinets: How to make the best use of them!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Optimizing the kitchen space is one of the most important tasks when designing a kitchen. There are many different types of accessories that can suit different type of people, their working style and of course meet their storage needs.

Of all the spaces the corners are the ones that require special attention at the kitchen. How do you keep these corners accessible, optimized and choose accessories that are right for you? Read on to know-how.

There are ideally 2 types of kitchen corners that we are going to deal with when designing or remodelling the kitchen.

1. L-corner

2. Blind Corner.

Left: L- corner cabinet Right: Blind Corner cabinet

L Corners:

L-corners are basically corners where you can see the edge where the 2 walls meet and have an L-shaped internal.

  • Fixed Shelves:

If you find accessories for the corner, burning a hole in the pocket, the best-suited option is an L-corner with a fixed shelf inside. Due to the nature of the cabinet with wide opening shutters, it offers easy access to items inside the cabinet.

Image: L-corner with shelf

  • Kitchen carousel accessory:

The carousel is a rotating accessory that allows simpler access to the items kept in the far end of the cabinet.

Video: carousel accessory

  • Corner drawers:

In my opinion, these are the most efficient and comfortable accessory as they provide easy access to the entire space without a strain and can hold up to 30kg of weight each. These drawers hold pantry items like rice and pulses items that are stored in 1-5kg containers are simple to access.

Video: Corner drawers

Blind Corners:

In this type of corner, you cannot see the wall edges meet inside your cabinet.

One of the simple solutions to a corner is to leave it as a space for cylinders if that’s how you connect your stove. They are changed once a month and hence not a real hassle to use these corners for storage of the cylinder.

Blind Corner Accessories:

Another option would include blind corner accessories like “magic corners” or Le Man’s corner that have distinct mechanisms for storage and access.

Blind corner accessories can be priced higher than L-corners due to the complexity of the mechanisms.

Image: Collage of magic corner, lemans corner, D-trays

Here is a table I’ve compiled to help you weigh the pros and cons of each type of storage.

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