Just a Table! or is it?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Wondering how many different table options there could be when selecting a centrepiece or setting the living room for your home? Well, there are many, but here's how you can select the ones that'll help you host an elegant tea party or a cocktail party in your living room.

Coffee Table or Cocktail Table:

Yes, there is a difference. While a coffee table aligns with the length of your sofa, usually sitting as low as your seating and placed at the centre of the room or in-between all your furniture. Functionally, this table holds your newspaper, curios, TV remotes and plants.

A cocktail table usually aligns with the height of your furniture, comes in different shapes and sizes and is placed beside your chairs or sofa. Predominantly used to place your cups and glasses or serve tea.

Sofa Table or a console:

A sofa table is usually higher than your Sofa height and have decorative items such as flower vases, magazines, and goodies such as candies to engage the guest. A console is built to be placed against a wall near the entrance or the foyer, and is usually a place to put away your keys, or just to structure your entrance.

Sofa Table

Well, next time you'd have a better vocab of all your furniture and know what exactly you're looking for! Wondering how to get the designer look for your home? Hire us online for E-design services right here!

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