How to set up your ideal Home Office

Working from home can have many advantages, including flexible work hours and zero commute hours. While it has its perks it also blurs the line between work and life making it harder to focus and work efficiently. For this reason, you need to separate your workspace from your personal life and confine the clutter to that area.

Set up your dream workspace with what inspires you! Let your space reflect your personality.

Things you need for setting up your workspace

Where and how to set up your home office.

#1: Stepping up your furniture:

Being seated 8 - 12 hours a day, the comfort of your furniture is your supreme priority. Getting the right posture to work need not require expensive furniture. Things you need to look upon your desk: The screen height: make sure you are not looking down at your screen. This most often happens when working with laptops. You can always connect to an external keyboard to raise the height of your laptop to match your height.

Give your elbows a rest: While working on your PC or laptop make sure your chair has a handrest and you are able to rest your elbows while working on them. This would be the ideal height difference between your chair and your desk.

#2: Decluttering and organizing:

Create a system to house all your office essentials so that they come in handy when in need.

Laptop/PC. Printer. File cabinet. Bin. wifi router. A space for all your stationery.

Keep things you will need in handy, on your desk. Yes, the desk looks so pretty with those 5 colour highlighters and 50 colour pencils and your fav notebook all spread out. While this is okay for an artist, it is better to keep things minimal so that it is easier to clean. Notebooks can go on a floating shelf behind on your wall, pens can go into a pouch if that's all you need. Store papers and files in drawers. Label them so you can easily insert your newest file or look for an old one.

Don't buy stuff you don't need (if your go crazy over stationery like me). It is always better to have less and spend less time cleaning this space. You don't want to dread walking into a cluttered office every day.

The desktop can become a house of snakes with wires running all around your table. Use wire managers( study desks usually come with one of these and if you need more feel free to get this tiny piece of hardware from the store and install on the desktop. Clears away all the wires from view.

#3: Lighting: Try to align your seating so that you face a window. or toward the room. This way you feel relaxed looking outside and not at a blank wall. The window will also have enough light on your face for when you have to take up video calls. To have light fall on your desk or your face you can also strategically place a mirror to bounce off the light.

#4: Background: Two things that you can do on the background wall is to use as storage for your office essentials or add a roll of nice wallpaper if you want a nice backdrop, or even a nice painting can to the wonders to your video calls.

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