Guide to building the perfect Kitchen Island

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Kitchen Islands are somewhat new to the Indian kitchens but are storming their way into urban homes these days. A kitchen island is predominantly a free-standing rectangular unit in the kitchen that adds additional countertop space and sometimes cabinetry, as well as breakfast counters.

Uses of an Island Kitchen:

A kitchen island can be used as a space to extend your food preparation area, use it as a breakfast counter, fill it with storage cabinets or even turn them into one of the kitchen major workstations such as your hob or sink.

Here are some ideas:

A perfect breakfast counter.

Island with full storage and HOB.

Planning the Perfect Kitchen Island:

Planning the island can be a bit tricky for certain kitchen layouts. Make sure you have at least 3' space from your main kitchen counter and cabinetry and the place your island.

Image: L-shaped kitchen with island.

You should ideally have around 3' walking space around the island to move around comfortably. Make sure this doesn't obstruct your kitchen work triangle as well.

Image: L shaped kitchen with island blocking the work triangle

If you don't have enough space to place it in the centre of your kitchen, you can also plan it across a wall, or one of the open edges of your kitchen. Freestanding table with wheels are another way to add an island to your kitchen.

Kitchen with island attached to the free end of the kitchen:

Wall side island counter:

Freestanding movable Island:

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