A guide to purchasing maintenance-free furniture

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Interior design and decor is first about de-cluttering space and having to have an easy way to put away things. Having a regular cleaning routine for different parts of your home is necessary to keep up the charm of your home. This is how to can make this task easy for you!

#1 Choosing the right fabric: This is an important aspect of designing your home as fabric covers at least 30% of your furniture. Going with leather, vinyl or microfiber makes it easier to keep up if you have pets. If you'd like to go for natural material you can use a slip-on method for covering your furniture, so you can remove and wash them if you need to. Click here to read this article on the ultimate guide to selecting your upholstery.

^Bent chair India

So where can I show off my velvet?- You can still use them on the backrest of your dining chair, use it on the top half of your headboard, etc, have a few accent throw pillows and so forth. Go for medium to dark tones of colors when choosing the fabric.

#2 Skirted Furniture or wall suspended: You have 2 options when coming to keeping your floor clean. a)Make sure the furniture your purchase is either to the floor or b)is at least one feet away from the floor. Furniture having tiny legs as small as four inches can accumulate dust that is difficult to clean.

#3 Materials: Solid wood is better than laminates when considering the dining table and other horizontal surfaces to clean off easily. Brass furniture - These may need higher maintenance and you will have to clear off the patina with some professional help. Make sure you don't have any molding or grooves on your furniture. They can accumulate dust and will require dusting every so often.

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