5 Things to Consider when Remodeling your Kitchen

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Remodeling the kitchen can be a hassle of a task when your living in the same house. Here are a few things to consider when remodeling so you can make this a better experience.

#1: Choosing the right materials:

Its important to choose the right core material for your kitchen as this is going to be your one time investment for coming years. So make sure the plywood grade is Boiling water resistant (BWR) or Boiling water proof (BWP).

#2: Existing Gas pipe lines and plumbing lines :

If you choose to change the position of your HOB/ cook-top and your sink, make sure to consult with your designer about the feasibility of changing your plumbing lines and gas piping lines at your site.

#3: Existing chimney exhausts:

When remodeling to a new kitchen, if you plan to change the position of your cooktop / hob make sure to note the path of your chimney duct. If the the duct pipe is going to be more than 3m, this may affect the efficiency of your chimney. An effective design is to have the shortest duct length for maximum efficacy.

#4: Planning your work triangle : Make sure to have thoughtful layout. Think about your comfort level when moving around your existing kitchen between your cooking range, sink and fridge. Don't worry about playing around with the layout of these. Yes, plumbing and venting can be expensive to move, but sometimes that’s the best thing to do.

#5: Placing your electronics: An old kitchen may not have been planned for the newest technology and electronics that you may be using in the kitchen. Do plan on accommodating these as well as providing the electrical points for the same.

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